Illinois State Genealogical Society
With the generous help of volunteers, ISGS has been a successful organization.
The ISGS Board wishes to thank each and every one of you
who have contributed your time and effort to our organization.

Volunteer Opportunities
The positions listed below present some interesting and exciting opportunities for the future! Please consider helping ISGS achieve its mission to preserve and disseminate Illinois historical and genealogical materials and to educate and aid those researching their ancestry.
For further details on any of the positions below, contact Louise Svehla:
2021 Conference Committee Chair
Head the Conference Committee which shall schedule and perform designated duties such as securing a location, speakers, publicity, display, conference materials and budgeting.
2021 Conference Volunteer Chair
The Conference Committee is looking for someone to schedule and monitor volunteers to serve in positions at the ISGS 2021 Conference in Naperville, IL.
2021 Conference Volunteers
Under the guidance of the Conference Volunteer Chair, volunteers would assist with tasks such as bag stuffer (pre-conference), room monitor, and dinner ticket taker.
Honors and Awards Chair and Committee Members
The Chair heads a committee in requesting and reviewing nominations for the current year's Honors and Awards, to be presented at the ISGS Business Meeting at the 2021 Conference.
Special Projects Data Entry
The Special Projects team is actively seeking persons to provide data entry skills to develope an index of names of people who are referenced in ISGS on-line tables and in ISGS publications. This index will be placed on the ISGS website.
ISGS Quarterly Contributors
Develop articles based on genealogical and historical material as a research and educational service to the membership.
ISGS Quarterly Copy Editor
Assist the Quarterly editor in reviewing each article to be sure the article conforms to genealogy protocol in format such as references, footnotes, and citations.
ISGS Quarterly Copy Reviewer
Assist the Quarterly editor in reviewing each article to be sure there is continuity, headlines and transitions.
Newsletter Proofreader
Assist the Newsletter editor by reviewing and proofreading the newsletter before it is published.
Digital Asset Manager
Assist ISGS with inventorying and monitoring the digital assets of the organization.
Advertising Chair
This committee promotes ISGS publications and solicits opportunities for advertisements in ISGS publications, such as the ISGS Quarterly, ISGS Newsletter, and Fall Conference syllabus.