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ISGS is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that operates on a lean budget. The Illinois State Genealogical Society General Fund appreciates every contribution. Your support will truly make a difference. Help us provide you with resources and educational opportunities to advance your family research. Thank you for support our mission and our work.

Other Ways to Donate
How often have we unexpectedly tripped upon previously unknown information about our ancestors and their ways of life? With our mouth open in amazement, we probably looked heavenward and breathed a sigh of gratitude for the miracle of such a discovery. Although we may not have thought of it at the time, some dedicated genealogist or record keeper from the past was responsible in some way for the transcription, extraction, microfilming, copying, or publishing of the information that had just thrilled us. How do we ever pay back such a gift?

Paying back is never an option, but paying it forward to genealogists yet to come is possible through monetary gifts of our own. ISGS makes such opportunities available to members and benefactors by receiving donations to help fund its work. Currently, we have two giving opportunities where your donations can make a sigificant impact – click on the project name for details: