The Illinois State Genealogical Society (ISGS) was formed in 1968 through the cooperative effort and forward thinking of Illinois genealogical society representatives, who envisioned a statewide genealogical organization. ISGS is a not-for-profit, nonsectarian, educational organization.
ISGS was established for the following purposes:
  • To stimulate an interest in the people who contributed to the establishment and development of the State of Illinois.
  • To seek, preserve, and make available data pertaining to individuals, families, and groups who lived in Illinois and to events which took place therein.
  • To inform people of the value of, and need for, preserving family and local history for posterity.
  • To encourage the formation of local genealogical societies and to coordinate and disseminate information.
Federation of Genealogical Societies Member


President: Jayne Cates
1st Vice President: Michele Claypool
2nd Vice President: Susan Pope
Recording Secretary: Barbara McKean
Treasurer: Shirley Aleguas


2015 Director: Janice Fritsch
2015 Director: Becky Higgins
2015 Director: Kristy Gravlin
2016 Director: Darlene Hinkle
2016 Director: Vacant
2016 Director: Vacant
2017 Director: Karl Moore
2017 Director: Valerie Burd
2017 Director: Tony Burroughs

Immediate Past President

Immediate Past President: Jane Haldeman

Standing Committees

Conference - Chair: Joan Kitchen-Murray
Finance & Budget - Chair: Vacant
Honors & Awards - Chair: Linda Wallin
Illinois Soc Liaison - Chair: Sandra Barnett
Long Range Planning - Chair: Vacant
Membership Promotion - Chair: Anita Boyd
Newsletter - Editor: Kim Hanks
Publications - Chair: Margaret Truax
Quarterly - Editor: Julie Cahill-Tarr
Publicity - Chair: Catherine Carlton
Society Archives - Chair: Vacant
Website - Chair: Mary Westerhold


Illinois State Archives: David Joens
Illinois Secretary of State: David Joens
Illinois State Hist Society: William Furry
FGS: Janice Fritsch

Non-Voting Committees

Advertising - Chair: Julie Cahill-Tarr
Bylaws & Proc Man - Chair: Vacant
Cemeteries - Chair: Becky Higgins
Education - Chair: Thomas MacEntee
Fall Conf 2015 - Chair: Michele Claypool
Family Bible Records - Chair: Kristy Gravlin
Genealogy Chair: Dawn Henry
Illinois Legislative - Chair: Valerie Burd
Military Certificates - Chair: Daniel Dixon
Office Liaison - Chair: Susan Pope
Parliamentarian: David Kent Coy
Prairie Pioneer - Chair: Sandra Parker
Church Records - Chair: Darlene Hinkle
Website Administrator : Paul Lyn-Waitsman

2018 Bicentennial Committee

Chairman: Vacant