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Note: multiple certificates have been issued for many of the veterans listed, however the veteran is listed only once.
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Cert # Soldier's Surname   Given Name Unit(s) County
3 LAWLER Thomas George Co. E, 19th Ill. Inf. Unknown
16 LETURNO Calvin Fletcher Co. K, 30th Ill. Inf. Clinton
21 LEWIS Clifford L. Trp. D 8 Constab. SQ Cook
152 LOCKE Thomas Robinson Co. E, 63rd Ill. Inf. Unknown
11 LOCKE Charles Richard LT, B9, U.S. Naval Reserves Cook
9 LOCKE Mary Catherine Milligan LJG, WAVES, U.S. Navy Cook
98 LONDSTROM John C. Co. C, 86th Ill. Inf. Peoria
5 LONG Jonathan A. Co. F, 92nd Ill. Mtd. Inf. Stephenson
4 LUTZ Charles Mathias Seaman 2/C, U.S. Navy Cook
218 LUTZEN Cornelius Co. F, 95th Reg. Ill. Inf. McHenry
134 MAINS James Co. C, 26th Ill. Inf.; Co. D, 155th Ill. Inf. Bond
78 MALONE Daniel T. Co. E, 30th Ill. Inf. Randolph
239 MALONE William Co. E, 56th IL Inf. Williamson
141 MARCH William Co. D, 35th Ill. Inf. Vermilion
12 MARCH William Russell Co. G, 59th Ill. Inf. Greene
107 MARKLAND William Co. B, Oh 5th Cav. Shelby
176 MARTIN John A. Co. K, 33rd Ill. Vol. & Co. H, 99th Ill. Vol. Menard
220 MAYHUE Benjamin Franklin Co. G, 29th Ill. Vol. Gallatin
161 MCALLISTER Alexander Co. I, 80th Ill. Inf. Washington
192 MCCABE Wilbur Co. C, 119th Ill. Inf. Schuyler
9 MCCABE Eli Pvt., Quartermaster Corps., U.S. Army Douglas
208 MCCLURE James M. Co. D, 32nd Vol. Ill. Inf. Madison
159 MCDANIEL John S. Co. D, 79th IN Inf. Shelby
175 MELLINGER Samuel C. Co. C, 114th Ill. Inf. Sangamon
31 MILASKY Robert J. QM2, PT Boat Ron Squadron 15, U.S. Navy Res. Cook
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