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Note: multiple certificates have been issued for many of the veterans listed, however the veteran is listed only once.
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Cert # Soldier's Surname   Given Name Unit(s) County
11 PEAK Trial W. Co. B, 125th Ill. Inf. Vermilion
34 PECK Orrin Co. A, 64th Ill. Inf. McDonough
30 PETRIE Samuel Co. I, 105th Ill. Inf. DeKalb
87 PHILLIPS Joseph Co. F, 40th Ill. Inf. Jefferson
222 PHILLIPS Thomas Benton Co. H 117th Reg. IL Vol. Inf. St. Clair
22 PINIUTA Stephen Joseph Pvt., Hq. Det., 4th Bn., 1st Reg., U.S. Army Cook
10 POLISZCZUK Henry George Fireman, SV-6, U.S. Naval Reserves Cook
6 PORTER Albert Co. H, 20th Ill. Inf. LaSalle
5 PORTER William Co. F, 47th Ill. Inf. Peoria
156 POTTER Robert Knight Co. I, 2nd Ill. Lt. Art. DuPage
53 PROWSE John Franklin Co. E, 95th Ill. Inf. McHenry
191 PRUFER Friederick Co. K, 21st Ill. Inf. Carroll
45 PULLIAM James Co. B, 15th Ky, Inf. Macon
115 PUNTENNEY Russell Co. G, 33rd Ill. Inf. Ford
124 PYFER George W. Co. D, 92nd Ill. Inf. Ogle
120 QUICK Luther P. Co. H 46th PA Inf., Co. K, 148th Ill. Inf. Bureau
63 QUIRK James Co. G, 126th Ill. Inf. Madison
105 RADLE Frank Co. K, 104th Ill. Inf. Unknown
82 RAYBURN Elisha Turner Monroe's Arkansas Vol. Rock Island
197 REED Gilbert Curtis Co. G, 75th & Co. F, 2nd Inf. Ogle
169 REICHART James K. Co. G, 115th Ill. Inf. Shelby
4 REIK John Albert Sr. Seaman 2/C, U.S. Navy Vermilion
240 RENTZ Simon Co. E, 82nd Reg IL, Serg Cass, Brown
68 RICE Levi Clair Co. I, 100th Vol. Inf. Kankakee
168 RIDDLE Oscar C. Co. F, 20th Ill. Inf. Stark
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