With the generous help of its volunteers, ISGS is poised for continued success.  The positions listed below present some interesting and exciting opportunities for you!
Please consider helping ISGS achieve its mission to preserve and disseminate Illinois historical and genealogical materials, and to educate and aid those researching their ancestry. 

FGS 2016 Conference Committee:  ISGS is serving as the Local Host society for next year's FGS national conference in Springfield, IL, 30 August - 3 September.  We have a special need for a local/regional marketing person to work with Thomas MacEntee, FGS's National Marketing Chair.  Additionally, volunteers are needed onsite prior to the conference, and each day of the conference.  Contact Laura Kovarik, Local Host Chair,  for more information.


Latest Project--Indexing: In addition to the ISGS Board and committee opportunities listed below, we are hard at work on a project indexing ledgers from the Illinois Department of Registration and Education 1877-1952. Interested? This project requires the following: a computer with a CD drive, Microsoft Excel, and an Internet connection. If you are not already in our database of indexers, please contact Clyda Ogle, Indexing Coordinator,


For information on any of the positions listed below, contact Susie Pope,

  • ISGS Quarterly Design & Technical Editor:  Works with the Quarterly Managing Editor. Produces the layout design of the Quarterly.  Skilled in designing and working with graphics.
  • Advertising Chair:  This committee develops advertisers for the ISGS Quarterly, Newsletter, and fall conference syllabus.
  • Publications Chair:  This committee coordinates the printing of all ISGS publications except the Newsletter and Quarterly.  Inventory is verified and recommendations made to the Board, and files on each publication are maintained.
  • Legislative Chair:  This committee monitors pending legislation in the State of Illinois that could impact those with genealogical and historical interests, and keeps ISGS, other organizations, and individuals informed.
  • Long Range Planning:  This committee considers plans for the improvement of the Society.  They solicit suggestions from the membership, make regular reports to the Board, and present projects for action.
  • Society Archivist:  The Society's Archivist properly preserves and maintains the private records of the Society at the Illinois State Archives in Springfield, IL.  These records do not involve the society's public genealogical holdings at the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library.
  • Website Committee Chair:  This committee coordinates the construction, operation, and maintenance of the Society's website.  This position does not act as website administrator.